Rural Wireless

Often confused with Wi-Fi, but not the same. Rural Wireless refers to a technology that provides broadband Internet over specific radio wave frequencies.

This is especially useful for those in rural communities who are underserved by larger internet providers. We understand that what works for one business, won’t work for another. With our versatile Wireless services, not only can your workplace be connected to the Internet, but with the right technology, we can connect one location directly to the other for improved communication. Is an ideal solution for everything from a sprawling farm, campground, marina, small-to-medium businesses, and larger enterprises.

This service is easily tailored to be the internet connection your business needs and to connect satellite offices or work sites through the existing network or private point-to-point links. We insist on earning your loyalty every day. Our no-commitment packages will always be available to our customers.

Local Service and Support Our support calls are handled by local Juce Connect employees, not outsourced to an overseas call center. We think its important to use common sense when dealing with a support call, not a hierarchical question list. Tired of Dial-up Internet? I bet you are.

From taking up a phone line to taking a 1/2 hour to download your email. Make the switch to High-speed Internet. We’re not just concerned with speed here at Juce Connect.

Just as important is the ability to use that speed in the manner you and your family desire without fear of reprisal. That’s why from day one Juce Connect has ensured that all our packages come standard with unlimited usage.